I am Luiz "darknessxk" Felipe

Web developer & reverse engineering enthusiast

About me

Specialized in C and C++ but having a background with PHP and Laravel, now learning more about React and new technologies like Rust

Reverse Engineering

Learning and studying how anything works, Windows NT Kernel and mostly known Malwares since 2015


Since 2008 working with general development.


A deep love for learn and self improvement.

My experience

Senior Full Stack Developer

Feb, 2020 - Current

Working for I9XP developing modern e-commerce solutions and solving complex problems.

Junior Analyst

July, 2019 - December, 2019 (5 months)

Working with PHP analysing many complex systems that work around logistics and courier for Memphis Solutions.

CEO and Founder

Feb 2008 - Current (12 years)

Even working with other companies I still having my own business too katsuhiro.gg and darknessxk.dev, working developing softwares and private solutions for our customers

Development Skills








Process of creation

As any engineer or artist do we need some creative process before everything happens, the art of development creation requires time and research before even starting writing a single line of code.

As the step already says we need to do some research, sit with people to talk about what we gonna do and establish some basic requirements and after establishing some requirements we start finding the ideal technology stack that fit the needs for those requirements, after that we are good to advance for the next step

Inside this step we will start making your future customers feels like they are in heaven, having a good UI/UX and/or Web design makes a huge difference for your customers and visitors if you make it feels like simple as clicking on one button and WOW that's what I need this is the feeling we're trying to make your customers have when they visit your projects.

Last but not the least important part, this is where we bugs and magical stuff inside our codes.
First following the steps from the first step we already have our technology stack.
Our requirements now are mature and well established so that our development flows smoothly.
With that in mind, we will be capable of creating a highly customizable code with ease of maintenance.
Focusing a good security and good performance for your customers feels like they are navigating in clouds.

Every great developer you know got there by solving problems they were unqualified to solve until they actually did it.

~ Patrick McKenzie

My projects

As you can see this is some of my works, made for many customers, and many projects created by my own with the clear intention for continuous learning

Contact me

If you're still curious about what I am capable of creating and develop, send me a message and lets talk about it. Let's put your ideas out of paper and make them real.

  • Sao Paulo, SP - Brazil

  • +55 19 981 218 170

  • work@darknessxk.com

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